Courses and Workshops

IES has a wide range of workshops and training adapted to each company, level of employee and need. Some of the workshops available for your interest include:

EAP Implementation and Managing the Troubled Employee
Delegates: Management; Supervisors and Shop stewards

Managing Chemical Dependency in the Workplace
Delegates: Management; Supervisors and Shop stewards

Chemical Abuse and Dependency Prevention and Intervention Workshop
Delegates: All Employees

Financial Lifestyle Management Workshops
Delegates: All Employees (Especially employees with garnishee’s and debt problems)

HIV / AIDS (Including: Train the Trainer / Peer Group Educators)
Delegates: All Employees and employees involved in support, basic counseling and education of fellow employees. (IES team has been trained in SANS 16001:2007)

HIV / AIDS Awareness and Prevention Workshops
Delegates: All Employees

People Skills & Communication Workshops (Basic / Advanced)
Delegates: Management; Supervisors; Shop stewards; Team and Line Leaders

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Workshops
Delegates: All Employees

Retrenchment Workshops
Delegates: All Retrenched Employees

Preparation for Retirement and Early Retirement Workshops
Delegates: All Employees

Team Development Workshops (Team Building/ Problem Resolution)
Delegates: Small teams of app 25 employees (suitable for departmental intervention based on specific needs of that department)

Change Management Workshops
Delegates: All Employees

Managing Stress
Delegates: All Employees
                                                                                                  plus many more…