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Managing Your Employees Psychosocial Wellbeing

In the current climate it is essential that all organisations have at the very least ad-hoc services available to them at short notice for employee intervention when it comes to trauma, personal or work related concerns. These concerns, from armed robbery and accidents to marital concerns and cultural misunderstandings, anger management and chemical substance addiction and abuse, negatively impact on productivity, work performance. These will significantly increase costs to the company if they are left unaddressed. Some of these costs would include: increased workplace accidents and injuries, increased absenteeism, increased insurance claims and costs, increased staff turnover, loss of productivity, faulty decision making, decreased employee morale, theft and fatalities.

Through the professional team at Insight Employee Specialists, we are able to deliver that service to you, at your premises, so that you can offer your employees support and assistance with minimal impact to their working day.

Ad-hoc counseling services and the preferred option of an on-site Employee Assistance Programme (set number of hours per week) are available, and the benefits of having such a programme on site are extensive. The Ad-Hoc programme or EAP would operate flexibly and the structure could be changed at a later date if the need arose after implementation and evaluation.

Added services to compliment your business and employee empowerment are monthly themes, workshops and training, team building, problem resolution and mediation.

We can also assist in policy development.

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